Loan:- LR Nidhi Limited
Gold Loan-
Rate of Interest 18 % Per Annum (Rs.1.50 paise for Rs.100/-)
Mortgage Loan-
Rate of Interest 18 % Per Annum (Interest Calculated on yearly Rest) Details of Equated Monthly Installment for Rs.1,00,000/- Loan Amount
• RS. 3,615/- For 3 Years Loan Repayment Scheme
• RS. 2540/- For 5 Years Loan Repayment Scheme
Loan Amount Will be Sanctioned on house Properties (Dwelling Units) Only
1. The property should be situated in a good residential area and easily marketable.
2. Loan quantum is restricted to 40 % of the market value of the property subject to a maximum loan amount of rs. 15 lakhs
3. Repayment capacity of the borrower to the satisfaction of the nidhi to be produced
4. Loan will be considered for the following purpose
1. For the improvement of the property,
2. To meet marriage expenses,
3. To meet wards education expenses,
4. To meet medical expenses,
5. For improvement of the borrowers business needs and to clear higher cost debts/loan of the borrower
Maximum loan amount of rs. 15 lakhs be considered subject to other conditions.
Daily Loan- 
1. The loan period will be for three or Six Months.
2. The loan amount will be maximum of Rs. 100,000/-
3. A person having daily income will be admissible of DLS.
4. The borrower must have saving account with LRi Nidhi Limited.
5. The Loan will be paid back by Daily Instalments.
6. File Charge will be Charged 2% of Loan Amount.
Details of instalments period of three or Six Months
Loan Amount Three Months Daily Instalment Loan Amount Six Months Daily Instalment
10,000 120 10,000 65
20,000 240 20,000 130
30,000 360 30,000 195
50,000 600 50,000 325
100,000 1200 100,000 650
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